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The Alpha Upsilon Sigma Chapter provides an annual-renewable $1,000 for 2- 4 year scholarships to deserving youths that are registered at a 2 or 4 year higher education institution. 

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Show your support, today!

For the past 79 years, the Alpha Upsilon Sigma Chapter has hosted its Annual Scholarship Tea to celebrate our Scholars and raise money to support our scholarship fund. This year, in the midst of a pandemic, we have partnered with the AUS Foundation to continue our fundraising efforts for our scholarship recipients. This year we have 7 students that we are supporting. These scholarships are used to assist students with tuition, books, and fees while attending a 2- 4 year college or university. 

Your donation may be used as a tax write off when donations are made to the AUS Foundation. For more information contact us here

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